Thursday, March 6, 2014

There is no moral compass to steer by, Business Leaders Go Off Course - Deep-Sixing Colleagues and company

Companies experiencing difficulties that ran aground and under the leadership of the executive without the moral compass needed to keep them afloat during changing times. The only way to weather the storm with a strong position in comparison to the right one. The continued attention to proper behavior in the workplace leaders and staff are sensitive to how they want to act consistently is the only way to keep from hitting bottom.Attention proper behavior in the workplace helps employees face reality, both good and bad organization and themselves itself. Employees depend on their leaders also believe sound ethical issues. Feel free to voice their concerns, point to problems, and respond to one having their own way without fear of losing jobs.The scapegoat and they are more emotionally healthy executives, as measured in a series of tests, the more likely they were to score high on ethics. Ethics management programs can inoculate leaders, employees, and the whole business with the lethal effects of immoral behavior.3 Steps to Creating Ethics in WorkplaceIt is the fact that the high moral philosophical commitment is not enough, and businesses are encouraged to 'I think the skill' by implementing an ethics program continues continues. Ethics programs identify preferred values, but more importantly, they ensure that the foundations of organizational behavior in line with efforts tripod values.The 

• Identify the desired value by Wise A, the process of education • Develop policies and procedures to align the behavior of the entire company with the preferred values • Training all staff, from top to bottom, policies and procedures to ensure that actions aligned with the words (very) Plan Trumps Process Because these values ​​are visible through continuous reflection, ethics programs may seem more process-oriented than usual skill. This goes against the grain of many leaders afraid to get wet. Managers have become more focused on the business processes that provides a quantitative metric that is a big part of the problem.In an organization where business ethics questions, mangers are afraid to look for the data measured under the steps to protect themselves to cover their own ass. Skilled managers, on the other hand, we understand that the Deliverables standard management skills such as planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling real practices.As simple representation of process-oriented examples, with strategic planning. Organizations in the planning process is more important than the plan that was really made. The same goes for the right behavior management. While the ethics program that makes such Deliverables code organization, policies and procedures, budget items, meeting minutes, authorization forms, newsletters, etc., the most important aspect of the program management process ethical reflection and dialogue that makes Deliverables. far Ethics Benefits Management Program Ethics management programs are also useful in managing diversity. As we all know, the more diversity of human skin color. Diversity programs require recognizing and applying the values ​​and perspectives of diverse and that can be achieved more effectively in the management of ethical behavior program.Attention sound right is also a powerful public relations tool, although I do not give a hoot about ethics management should be done primarily for reasons of public relations. But, frankly, at this time the image of American business has been so tarnished, the fact that the organization regularly gives attention to proper behavior can describe the strong positive to the public. 

My belief is that people who see the organization as valuing people more than profit, and strive to operate at full capacity and the published core values ​​of integrity honor.The commitment to the ideals can not be overstated in light of the company's bankruptcy and the involvement of government officials in power mongering. And do not forget the top management executives at Wall Street lining their personal finances with little or no regard to the impact on employees, shareholders, or the people on Main Street.Companies must demonstrate their commitment to continue the policy and ethical behavior. People remember the late 1980's a large focus on ethics' lasted less than decade.From excess Ethics and Back Again The early 1980s defined by runaway greed in both the public and private sectors. Government officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs and individuals a strong position to take advantage of another time of rapid economic development around the world to transform business rules to their own advantage. Community leaders flaunt their wealth and power and their day-to-day, clinging to the American Dream 'I' raised ethical leader Gordon Gekko-esque and turn it on paper models.

Ultimately, the natural cycle of power has finally caught up with the nouveau rich and powerful and their Plunge ... and all the people around them ... spiral that brought the stock market crash in 1987, the junk bond scandal, Mark disposal, and make other major events. Former god animal ethics change overnight and the result is a resurgence of interest in ethics and the ethics of fear and panic subsided behavior.But refers satisfied, ethical interest. A new round of boom-and-bust began again. Only this time the 'sculpture' nearly destroyed the global economy. I believe we are at a critical tipping point. Business and business leaders to embrace a real commitment to ethics can rise from the ashes of the current economic crisis and ensure a stable, prosperous future. In doing not perish. Maybe not this week. Maybe not the next. But the imminent death for the sake of greed.

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