Sunday, February 24, 2013

Promise quality new homes in Tynedale town of Corbridge

Construction work has started on a remarkable new development of 16 flats for older people in Tynedale picturesque village of Corbridge. ISO Housing worked with contractors Turney Wylde Trinity Court £ 2m scheme, which replaces the 1960 building of the same name. The old Trinity Court flats in Corbridge Roman Road does not meet the Decent Home Standards and the Government is not possible to adapt them, so the ISO decided to demolish the building and rebuild the site. New Trinity Court is a mix of six shared ownership and 10 rented flats, all with two bedrooms. Building, separated very contemporary designed by architect HMH to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes criteria. ISO CEO Keith Loraine led the ground breaking ceremony, with her parents in manager Alison Urquhart, Turney Wylde director Ken Parkin and site manager Len Ronayne. Development is supported by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) through the Affordable Home Program. The building is faced with render and stone, with large windows and solar panels on the roof. Both parish and district councils are consulted on the plan, as amended to enhance the appearance of buildings that looks over open fields to the west of the village. It has three main storeys high, even in the west end will drop down to two, to reflect the scale of the existing terrace houses on the site. The mature trees on the site is left untouched. Chief executive Keith Loraine said: "We are extremely enthusiastic about the quality of our buildings provide here. This plan demonstrates our commitment to provide high quality new build accommodation in Hexham and Northumberland. "We hope everyone will appreciate the design and style of development and to understand why we made the decision to redevelop the site." Ken Parkin from Turney Wylde said: "We have worked closely with the ISO to ensure that accommodation designed and developed to meet the needs of the older population and development will provide a good home to complete. "It was the right decision to start from the beginning we would do a lot more on the site: maximize space, use the view and create a great place for people to live. We can hardly wait to see the reaction of everyone so that complete the Trinity Court. '

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ISO won a contract to provide mental health care

Housing related ISO won a contract to provide support for people with mental health needs in North Tyneside. Companies based social Newcastle North Tyneside Council chose to give the 'Personalised Housing Related Support and Recovery Service' after a highly competitive bidding process. Initial three-year, seven-figure contract will see the ISO more than double the size of eight strong support housing (running) team in North Tyneside, to employ up to 17 staff. This means that the contract will provide support ISO between 90 and 120 clients across North Tyneside, a substantial increase from 57 individuals we currently support area. The entire North East, ISO Delivers team of over 30 staff houses are supported, as well as working in partnership with more than 40 specialist providers to provide support for 12 different client groups. Stacey Rooke-Thompson is one of North Tyneside service user changed his life around at the beginning of collaboration support workers from the ISO. His story is one of those cited as evidence of what the team can provide ISO when it will do a contract. He did not always feel support services to help him, so optimistic when he referred to the ISO. He said: "I was under a rock, in fact I'm more down than, a million miles further down. I find it really hard to trust people as, in the past, aid agencies let me down and when I became involved with the ISO I think they are exactly the same, but I'm really not surprised. '

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Office communications company expects to expand to the west

Durham crucial Limited based in the office looking to expand the business area of ??virtual and serviced office success. Issues Office provides virtual office services (telephone answering, mail management, registered office address) as well as serviced offices and conference room hire. This service allows clients to have their calls answered by a professional receptionist and then connected to them or the messages and emails. Expansion of services Virtual office has coincided with advances in telecommunications and internet connectivity. Issues Office was established in 2009 and have seen demand for services is growing month to month. Success leads to management company looking for a place further away from the area to expand the provision of serviced offices. Steven Akers, director of corporate finance, said: "We saw an opportunity and in 2009 to provide cost-effective services office at a time when businesses are looking DOWNSIZE () and new companies are reluctant to invest substantial capital costs in their area. "Our service allows companies to keep overheads to a minimum, but remain flexible in an uncertain time. We can build on the success of our first two years and look to expand into other areas.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese travel trade agreement paves the way for new

The Journal Travel to China paved the way for a series of new agreements for the company's Tyneside. Mineral & Chemical Services (, registering on market share latest visit in China, organized by UK Trade & Investment, in an effort to explore opportunities for processed mineral products and chemicals, which serves a variety of industries from aerospace, refractory, paint and paint surfaces. Launched in 2005, the company Wallsend exported to all over the world including Europe, the Middle East and China, but would like to further develop its potential in China. Patrick Hegarty, managing director of Mineral & Chemical Services, explains: "I have traveled to the Asian market, including China before, but this was my first experience as part of the appropriation Market Visit the area and I was very impressed overall service. "As a result of this visit, we secured an order worth more than $ 55,000 and are now looking to appoint a representative in Shanghai and expects total sales to customers in China to about $ 400,000 in the next 12 months. We are also targeting about 10 other customers with the quality of the same size in China. ' Ron Seymour, one of the UK Trade & Investment International Trade Adviser, working with companies to identify the best way to address the market and the support provided by specialist Dr Yang Zhengming UK Trade & Investment in China business development manager, said: " China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in 2009 the UK exported to Hong Kong alone amounted to £ 3.5bn, making the export market to the 14th largest in the UK. This year, the UK-export of goods to China is 45% to £ 3.6bn and China is very important for the future of the UK economy. ' Chinese-English factfile China is the second largest economy in the world in nominal U.S. dollars. In 2009, China's economy grew by 8.5%, the best performance of all the major economies of the world. China is roughly the same size as the United States, with a population of 1.3 billion. There are 122 cities in China with more than one million people in 2008. Bilateral trade in goods and services between Britain and China was U.S. $ 51.8bn in 2009. UK £ 7.7bn of exports to China in 2009. Britain aligned with Germany as the largest European investor in China (in aggregate terms), with at least 25% of the EU total. The number of shares of British realized investment in China reached U.S. $ 16.9bn at the end of August 2010. Currently, China is the sixth largest investor in the UK by number of projects, with 1572 jobs associated with Chinese investment. In the past three years, Chinese companies have committed to over 50 R & D project collaboration. China's investment in clean energy in 2009 was $ 34.6bn, the highest in the world. At the end of September 2010 there were 89 million cars in China - 13 million of which were sold in the first nine months of 2010. China surpassed the United States to become the largest car market in 2009. China currently produces more than one million cars per month. China is the largest mobile market: more than 833 million subscribers (as of September 2010) and the maximum use of the Internet, 420 million users (as of July 2010). China has overtaken the United States to become the world's second largest luxury goods market after Japan.