Sunday, May 5, 2013

Six Ideas for Finding New Sales Leads

Sometimes in life, you kick over a rock and found a thriving colony activity. Likewise, in business. In many tools, niche, sites, applications and platforms to find and care for the customer, it is easy to overlook the less obvious opportunities. Here are a few to try.

    SlideShare offers the ability to upload and, sharing presentations e-books, PDFs and webinars. Not exactly a river, but it is a little undervalued area. With 60 million visitors per month and 130 million page views, the world's largest community for sharing professional content and one of the top 200 sites on the web.

SlideShare also one of the only high-traffic platform that integrates organic lead generation and near-seamless. LeadShare service of the network will require viewers to fill out a contact form in exchange for downloading the presentation or PDF, and encourages viewers to contact the business for additional information on other 't some point in the course of the presentation. Of course, this feature is the price: To activate the lead-capture, you will spring to SlideShare Pro membership, which could be worth $ 19 $ 249 per month.

2. Product videos

Well made product video slam-dunk to increase sales. Visitors to housewares retailer is 144 percent more likelyto make a purchase after viewing the video product, according to the analysis Kissmetrics technology companies.

Keep the video short product - less than 30 seconds is the best - and consider embedding a call to action in a way that is useful and not annoying. Online catalog aggregator FlipSeek effective, for example, could make the models wear cute shoes clicked, provides a direct link to the corresponding product page.

3. E-mail signatures

Including calls, short text-based to act in an e-mail signature will not be the most sexy idea, but considering the volume of e-mails that you send may be, a tactic worth trying. Consider integrating your blog URL, a new e-book or some other relevant download on your e-mail signature as a way to maintain contact with prospects. Technologies such as WiseStamp allows you to add dynamic content like your latest blog posts to every outgoing message.

4. LinkedIn Answers

Browsing questions on LinkedIn and use your skills to solve the problem for everyone else, looking for opportunities to connect related product or service. However, like most things in life, moderation is the key: Do not shill your own stuff unless it really offers relevant solutions.

5. Error pages

Flipping the most boring pages of your site (even a 404 error page!) In the lead-gen opportunities. Page fault playful 'show developer nerd look says, "The page is not available. But Justin "It went on:". Justin is the Mint developers who might want to slow cars, sharp crayons, reheated pizza and awkward silence "This page provides links to other pages. the "If you are more interested in personal finance."

6. Pinterest

The new kid on the block social media is worth checking the number of traffic generating leads lead-gen tool. Visit at the invitation-only bulletin board online skyrocketed in the second half of 2011 to 11 million. Brand with drive board draw traffic to their own sites.

What is "pinnable" for businesses looking to generate leads? Consider moving shots more products to include other images, infographics, videos or articles. Pages from my company, vintage advertising and marketing marketing fail, graphs and statistics and board intended for business "inspiration."